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Management Benefits:
Make More Money: By utilizing Suite Answer Center's billing feature.
Business Information at Your Fingertips: Detailed management reports give an in-depth business overview, including response time for each call, average time in queue and number of abandoned calls.
Versatile: Suite Answer Center software can be used in a stand-alone console application or with multiple consoles sharing a common database.
Save Money: Suite Answer Center is so easy to use, there is minimum operator training required and one operator can do the jobs of multiple operators.
Easy Conference Room Scheduling: CTI's Conference Room Concierge feature allows your operator to see the rooms and times available at a glance directly on her console. She types in client's account code or ID number and it automatically goes into their profile for automatic billing via Suite Accounting.
Virtual Opportunities: Generate residual income by expanding your walls. Voice over IP phone rental, Answering Service-Call Overflow.
Operator Benefits:
Simple Popup Window: An immediate pop-up screen shows the company profile and how the client wants the calls handled, i.e. station transfer, voicemail, announce-a-call, record-a-call, and transfer capability both inside and outside the office. The screen also shows the current activity of all extensions.
One Click Popup: Transfer calls to a client's extension or voicemail by just clicking on a button or using a function key.
Pre-Screen Announcing: A call can be Announced internally as well as transferred to an outside phone number
Seamless Conferencing: The Teleconference feature allows the operator to conference or patch calls by simply clicking the mouse.
Record Call: The Record-a-call feature allows calls to be recorded verbatim directly into client's voice mailbox.
Easliy Take Text Message: Typed Text Messages can also be taken if the client prefers and customized to their needs.
Client Benefits:
Personalize Call Experience: Your clients benefit from the ability to personalize greetings, retrieve messages at any time, set voicemail mode and record and distribute messages.
Quick Status Changes: Clients have the ability to change their status via their phone or through CTI's web integration.
Voicemail Mode Changes: Clients can set voicemail modes to ensure messages are received during busy/no answer situations.
Paging/Text Message Cellphone: Clients can receive either alpha/numeric pages or text messages to their cell phone.
Patch Call to External Source: Client's calls can be patched outside the office to their cell phone, home phone, etc.
Introduction / Suite Reporting / Booking Module / How It Works / Get Quote
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