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In Suite Accounting, the system administrator can view real time call charts for your office. A bar graph shows the number of calls coming in and going out of your site. The calls are broken down by incoming calls, local calls, long distance and international calls. At a glance, you can see the total number of calls that have been processed and the total cost of those calls.


When setting up your client information in Suite Accounting, by entering monthly recurring billable under the clients profile, their standard monthly charges are automatically posted to the clients account every month. Thereby eliminating the need to manually enter recurring monthly charges for billing.


Have the ability to customize your clients billable calls with Suite Accounting's built in SMDR Software. Call charges can be set up according to your specifications - (charge intervals, length of call rounding, call cost and call charge prices. Call charges to your clients can be marked up from your cost on either a price or percentage basis.
Introduction / Billing Reports / Download Demo
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